Monday, 20 August 2012

Return of Ninja Santa

Yo yo!

So Christmas is coming, JOKING calm down, but I've finally got around to looking at my children's book!
I've only been planning today, and I actually didn't get very far, but hey I did jump over a little wall that was bothering me (more or less).
Here, this is how you should tell your child the truth about Santa.

So there we have it kids. 
Santa is actually a ninja. 

Further explanation will follow later in the week. I think I'm going to hand write all the text, I find it easier than having to decide on a font, even if it does mean i spend ages freaking out because i've done the wrong kind of 'a'. I do find it more fun and it just feels more like a part of the illustration too though make sure you point that out to me when I'm ripping up paper and swearing! 

Also I've just realised how grey my blog is looking, still colour will be back in force once this bad boy has been fully mocked up composition wise, (though something tells me I'm going to be forever tweeking, not necessarily a bad thing). 


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