Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas and all that jazz

I've been busy making things and not posting them, like a pro... 
Here's some stuff:



Plus here's an in-joke Card I did for my friend Kyle 
(not that he received it =/ shhh):

An Illustration Friday Comic of the theme 'Snow' (I actually did two after hating on the first one then realised they kind of fitted together anyway). I didn't finish colouring it but hey, it's christmas,... I've had food, beer and presents to take care of. Hard life. 

Also, I've realised that they don't load big enough to actually read them properly, but if you right click 'em and open in new window they'll load full size.

And lastly, 
 here is a house!

ooooooh ain't it nice?

Love to ALL of your mothers! I hope your Christmas has been super awesome and here's to a sooooooopa doooooopa 2013! 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Illustration Friday- Stretch

Yeah that's right. I achieved a goal. BOOM.

So I still have to work on a few things, especially when it comes to colour, but oh how I'm enjoying this ^_^

Oh yeah, and look at this...

It's amazing.
Nuff said.