Thursday, 26 April 2012

La Boîte! 3 days to go!

Here! Look at these!

Look at them! 
(Ignore my bad camera phone and LOOK AT THEM!)
Want them... ?

Where? When? How?

Why in the Backyard Market of course! This Sunday in Bricklane. Come along to La Boîte, the wonderful little stall us (Laurie and Shaun mostly) folk have put together and have a good ol' gander. 
There's a whole bunch of awesome things there to see!

That is all ^_^

Sunday, 15 April 2012

no mandibles!

Say no to mandibles.
Mandibles are too scary.



I'm rubbish at updating so here's a quick one!

Firstly! :

Me and some guys from work are gathering up our things and packing ourselves off to the Backyard Market in Bricklane to see if we can sell some things for a little experiment. Its called La Boîte (French for The Box) and it should be really exciting and fun! Come along and have a gander on the 29th!

Here's a few cards and things:

(This one is actually a wedding card I made for my friend, nothing to do with La Boîte)

And some work in progress:
You're not that old

I am the Birthday Tortoise. Often slow but god I know how to party when I get there.

Oh yeah, and I'm going to make a load of little earrings to sell too! I'll post something about them when I've made better plans and sketches and that.

Its the BEE'S KNEES!

(It turns out mandibles aren't cute... they'll need to go I think lol)

Alright. That'll do for now!

See you on the 29th!