Sunday, 23 September 2012

What's that? Oxford you say?! Yah!

So! Where the hell have I been?
I've been in Oxford that's where!
Here look at some pictures. They're nice I promise... 

The Natural History Museum Oxford, complete with dino footprints outside! I jumped in them, like a child. No shame, not at all. 

And here's a T-rex who you could quite happily just swagger your way up to and have a cheeky grope of. I bloody love it when you can touch things you know you shouldn't... no sordidity intended.

    These guys are everywhere, but this one reminded me particularly of my own awkward face so I snapped a pic.

And this is an old building I became obsessed with. I don't usually care much about architecture, but Oxford was soooooo beautiful. I am now one of those people who stare at buildings and take pictures in busy streets. It could be worse.

So yeah that's Oxford. It was grand. 

I also had the most amazing time working in The Phoenix HQ! Check them out if you have no idea what I'm talking about, they are a truly amazing venture! It was so so interesting watching the business unfolding all around me and really exciting to see the company growing and expanding before my very eyes, and rightfully so considering how hard these guys work to make something so wonderfully brilliant for kids (small or large ones).

I spent most of the last two weeks drawing animals and constructing a giant spinning wheel of awesomeness, which if you want to actually see in action you'll have to go to the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds (come with me, we'll make a day of it). I was going to post a sneak peek, but I can't be dealing with trying to make the file a decent size to upload right now seen as it loves to make my computer crash, but here's a few animals that I drew for it. Have a little gander. 

Oh and some space things too?

^ That's a space pirate, obviously

There's a lot more where that came from and yeah that's what I've been doing... 

Oh! And I went to a lecture with Shaun Tan and Quentin Blake ages ago which was absolutely amazing and incredibly reassuring (Shaun Tan showed us a little comic about his average day and it was nice to see just how many parallels could be drawn between a professional and well... someone like me lol). 

They also had a draw off, where someone from the crowd would shout out a topic and they both had to draw it on camera. It was bloody amazing. Here, one last picture: 

I believe this topic was 'disguise', I think anyway (What really blew my mind was Quentin started with the woman's shoulder... what a bloody pro!)

So that's more or less where I've been at. 
Hopefully more updates soon, but with a big hen do looming and my to do list growing rather ridiculous, I'm not making any promises just yet!


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