Thursday, 8 March 2012


I've actually been busy.
We had a staff exhibition at work which basically involved a few people running around like headless chickens for a while and trying to get a lot of things done in one week. But it was definitely a success and worth all the effort! Plus a wonderful excuse for us all to get together!
Here's the things that I put in and some pictures and that:

Here's an image from the Toby book! (its been a while)

I'm actually really really happy with how this turned out! There's not text on this yet, but its certainly getting there!
Here's a sketch for pages 18-19.

Hidden Heroes:
Compositionally and colour wise I don't think these four images really work, but if I'm honest, I really enjoyed making them and it was worth it for the painting practice!

To explain these are relating to some writing my friend did for an exhibition called Hidden Heroes. Basically the exhibition is about paperclips, lightbulbs, bubble wrap and velcro, but Paul decided it would be more interesting if it was about superheroes playing hide and seek... and so:

Superman can bloody fly,
Which helps him on his quest,
But when it comes to hide 'n' seek,
X-ray vision is the best.

Them heroes they be hidin'
Cheeky bunch of gits
Them heroes they be hidin'
What cocky shits

The Flash doesn't do hiding,
Standing still he doesn't find fun,
so when the heroes make him play,
He always tries to run.

I can't see any heroes,
It's starting to annoy me
I can't see any heroes
Maybe they're having tea

Batman hiding in his cave,
Robin looking lost,
Joker cannot find this man
Won't stop at any cost.

Where are all the heroes?
Maybe in that tin?
Where are all the heroes?
I've already checked the bin

The Thing is bright orange,
And the size of a small car.
To drag was his first plan,
But he couldn't wear a bra.

All heroes are gone hiddin'
There's evil being done!
All heroes are gone hiddin'
Please can you call someone.

Ninja Santa:
Some sketches and that for ninja santa. Also the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny!

There are a few more things that I've got up to recently, but I'll upload it after the weekend sometime.