Monday, 29 November 2010

andrews dad

that tofu with the cashew, does that come in blue?

I tried to paint the whole family sitting about a table in a restaurant but the tablecloth looked awful so in the end I just cut Andrew's dad out of the image (rather badly too), but at least I'm still trying!

Friday, 29 October 2010

some rubbish

Here's some rubbish sketches I did yesterday. This is relating to Andrew painting all the animals blue in the zoo.
I also used watercolour pencils in an effort to try something different, but I wasn't really blown away.


better or worse? can u even tell the difference?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A goblin in green

I've been experimenting with how I could paint my images more effectively and this was an experiment I did today with drawing and colouring separately. I always draw an image I really like but on paper I cannot paint on. I did it today when drawing Annie's sister Jean.

I made myself a lightbox and traced the image roughly onto a piece of watercolour paper (however the paper was too thick and it was easier said than done) so when I put the two final images together the lines look a little confusing because they dont really match up. I'm just going to have to keep drawing on watercolour paper or try and find a super bright bulb that wont melt plastic.

Also, I need to practice painting more often =/

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Here's some sketches from a project I'm working on this October.
I've written a small poem from the Andrew story about Halloween and I'm hoping to get it finished by then (fingers crossed). I still need to find a way to finish it though!

wore nothing but blue,
but tonight was Halloween
and he had a party to go to!

His wife Annie Stead,
wore nothing but red,
so she dressed as a devil
with horns on her head.

Annie's sister Jean
was a goblin in green,
who frightened all the children
with her menacing scream.

Jean's son Jack,
was the Grim Reaper in black
and he looked rather good
in his daddy's rain-mac

Jack's sister Mary,
liked to dressed as a fairy,
but she was a little embarrassed
since she didn't look very scary.

Copywrite 2010 All words and images are mine and belong to me


This is a new book I'm working on about a boy called Andrew (also ignore the picture, I coloured it on the computer and I don't really like it but I really wanted a least one picture in this post):

Andrew, wore nothing but blue.
Whether in a zoo, scooping poo,
Or with a crew, in a canoe,
The only hue, Andrew would do, was blue.

His family did all they knew,
To make sure they could ensue
That everything Andrew would view
Would be his favorite shade of blue.

A shoe, shampoo, a tissue, some glue,
all the most wonderful colour of blue,
but what on earth could they do
when it came down to what Andrew could chew, from a menu?

(That tofu with the cashew? Does that come in blue?)

Whilst working one day at the zoo,
inside his head an idea grew!
Something so marvelous it's untrue
to paint all the animals blue!

But poor Andrew!
He hadnt a clue (due to his low IQ)
that not a soul in the zoo,
would like to see an animal blue!

From Shrew to Gnu, everything was blue!
The manager of the zoo, took five people to subdue!
'Andrew! You spew! You must have lost a screw!
Everything is blooming blue!
You'd better get your butt out of my zoo,
before I give it a tattoo of my shoe!'

Andrew was feeling blue,
a peculiar feeling that was very new,
and to his surprise he did not value
this feeling he did review!
Annie Stead,
was a widepread airhead,
who loved to drive on her moped.

One day as she sped,
to her great dread,
she knocked Andrew straight into a shed!

As Andrew bled,
from his forehead
he realised Annie Stead,
wore nothing but red.

Everyone was shocked when he said,
that he loved a girl who wore nothing but red,
many blamed his bump on the head,
however next year they were happily wed.
Now their child was a peculiar fellow,
for he wore nothing but...

... Purple!

Obviously I still have a fair amount of work to do on this. There's a lot of editing that needs doing since there are gaps in the story that stop it from flowing very well, not to mention all the illustrations for it too but its definitely got me excited =D

Copywrite 2010
All words and images belong to me


Hello There! Im not sure how long this blogging idea will last, but up till I get to lazy or embarrassed to work here's some of my work.

These are from a book I made in my third year of uni about a boy who finds a monster and decides to take it home with him. Toby likes to eat problems and slowly gets bigger through-out the book. I still need to illustrate the other half of the book but hopefully I'll get them done sometime in the near future. These are all supposed to be double page spreads of a 200 mm x 200 mm book and it is supposed to have text but I've not found the font or the time to put it in.
I'll write a bit more about it when I find the time and the patience but for now I just want to get my stuff up =)

So thats my work up till june, I had planned to have finished the whole book by now but alas, work and money appear to get in the way of everything (not to mention my unbelievable lack of motivation!). Here's hoping this blog lasts longer than the last one did!