Monday, 23 May 2011

Baths with bin bags


I broke my wrist a few months ago which was quite rubbish and I had to draw with my left hand.
Here's a left handed comic I made about the incident:

Next time, if a drunk Australian lady tells me to do something, I'm gonna bloody do it.

Also, despite my ridiculous predicament I went to life drawing a few days later and here's some of my drawings (NB, I only have an A4 scanner so these have been cropped slightly since I cannot be bothered to mess around trying to piece them all together):

This was done with my broken wrist hand though it made my hand really tired in the end,

This was my first left hand attempt and I have to say I felt pretty good about it!

and another left handed drawing.

So to recap:
a) Roller-disco is fun, but for god's sake man where the bloody wrist guards
b) drunk people do sometimes speak sense
c) left hand drawing is so bloody frustrating but hillarious


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