Sunday, 6 March 2011

here, have some crap =)

So.... guess i should update =/
Here's just some stuff that Im not that proud of but what the hell:
(ok im proud of this one a bit) I'm remaking the illustrations for my Toby book, even though I never finished illustrating it in the first place, but whatever. I just need to finish trying to paint the grass and I would have finished the whole scene.

this is a comic I'm gonna make one day just based on loads of stories I've heard from various friends, but I made this sketch for my friend's birthday card.
comic/card coloured on photoshop.
I've been trying to have some fun with colouring on photoshop, but I mostly only used it here because it's ridiculously quicker than watercolour.
quick thing for my friend's engagement card

Photoshop experiment, just a (very small/) quick sketch scanned and coloured.

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