Sunday, 3 October 2010


Here's some sketches from a project I'm working on this October.
I've written a small poem from the Andrew story about Halloween and I'm hoping to get it finished by then (fingers crossed). I still need to find a way to finish it though!

wore nothing but blue,
but tonight was Halloween
and he had a party to go to!

His wife Annie Stead,
wore nothing but red,
so she dressed as a devil
with horns on her head.

Annie's sister Jean
was a goblin in green,
who frightened all the children
with her menacing scream.

Jean's son Jack,
was the Grim Reaper in black
and he looked rather good
in his daddy's rain-mac

Jack's sister Mary,
liked to dressed as a fairy,
but she was a little embarrassed
since she didn't look very scary.

Copywrite 2010 All words and images are mine and belong to me

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